Why Choose Us

Licensed and Insured

J. Azure Construction is proud to be fully licensed with the State of North Dakota and the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians

We are fully insured in the State of North Dakota as well as insured with Tero

Charitable Donations

J. Azure Construction is very proud to be in this community that part of what we make goes straight to Pathways to Prosperity. We have many different charities that we have donated too. Every year we also donate to the Turtle Mountain Christmas Program, something we are very honored and humbled to do every year.



High Quality Standard

Here at J. Azure Construction quality is our main goal. No matter the size of the job, our quality and pride we take in doing the job correctly is second to none. We here at J. Azure Construction have been hired numerous time's to rehab other contractors work, which we are happy to do. The home owners satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

When looking for your next job, remember to Contact Us today and you will see the quality of work we put into your project.

Commitment to Education

At J. Azure Construction we never want to stop learning. We go after all the education, certifications that we can get to help us get the right people to do each job the best we can while providing the lowest cost for you with the latest and greatest technology available today.